About Us

We are a small family run cloth nappy shop bringing to you our favourite cloth nappies and accessories!

Dad is Daniel, Mum is Rebecca and our beautiful toddler is Summer.  Summer was a great model in the early days but toddlerhood has put an end to that.  Since we launched in 2020 we have gained a new team member; baby India.      

We live in beautiful Cornwall after having moved here three of years ago.  We married 4 years ago and had our first baby in November 2019 and our second in November 2021.  Rebecca was the driving force and Daniel was less keen but like many, he soon realised the benefits and developed something of a soft spot for the cloth collection.  

We are quite outdoorsy folk enjoying trips to the beach, walks in the forest and along the coastal path plus a bit of running, cycling and swimming too!   We have a self-build VW Campervan to support us on our adventures; the gestation of which was more than double that of a baby! What a labour of love!

When we began shopping for baby clothes and cloth nappies it became glaringly obvious that we could not resist anything with animals, plants or marine life.  Our baby has a fox cardigan with ears and a nose, she has giraffes on her sleepsuit (and nappy), she has Penguins on her dungarees!  Sheep, zebras, dinosaurs, and birds scattered amongst the most beautiful florals on her clothes and her nappies!  We can't get enough of these gorgeous prints and of course, we are complete cloth nappy addicts.

In brief, we are outdoorsy, countryside-y, beach loving parents with an OBSESSION for cloth nappies with Flora & Fauna (and Under the Sea) themes.

We are super chuffed you have come to visit our online shop and hope you find something you love.  We have an FAQ’s page but if there is anything else you’d like to know then please contact us via either Facebook, Instagram or the Contact Us form found here.