*EXCLUSIVE Prints by Bells Bumz*

Here is our range of Bells Bumz products available in our exclusive prints.  

Birth to potty (btp) pocket nappies which come either as shell only or with your choice of Bells Bumz signature hemp and bamboo insert (2 layers of each) and a Bells Bumz fleece liner.  Please note Serenitree comes with luxury fleece lining and chunky back elastics, Love you Slow Much is in the classic Bells Bumz pocket lining.  

Z Wraps which come with a contrasting trim.  The Bells Bumz Z wraps feature a double gusset, soft and gentle binding, tummy elastics, PUL panels at both the front and the back, rise poppers for adjusting the size to suit your baby and a front and back popper should you wish you use the wrap to create a true All in Two nappy by adding some snap-in inserts such as the Z Soaker, Z Booster and Z Booster plus.  The Bells Bumz Z wraps fit brilliantly over a terry nappy, a flat, a prefold or a fitted nappy.  

All-in-One (AIO) nappy finished with white fleece inside.  The wet zone of the main nappy holds 2 layers of super thirsty hemp with an additional, sewn in, Z Soaker.  The Z Soaker part comprises 2 layers of bamboo and 3 layers of hemp.  The Z Soaker section un-poppered at one end to aid drying times but also so, if needed, an additional Z Booster, or Z Booster PLUS, can be added for even more absorbency.  

Nappy Pods.  Nappy pods are PUL lined and perfect for storing nappies at home, sending nappies to childcare, for PE kits, swimming gear, dirty shoes and so much more.  As an alternative to a changing bag a nappy pod can easily accommodate 2 nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and a hat and gloves for example.  Bells Bumz Nappy Pods have 1 large handle and 2 small loops, one each end, for attaching to pram hooks.  Available in Love You Slow Much only.  

Reusabelles BreeZe Wraps which are complete with the soft fluffy white binding and birth to potty size adjusting poppers.  These loose fitting wraps are the ultimate in comfort and brilliant for overnight use.  

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