Bombacio Cloth Nappies offer ultra reliable two part nappy systems for ease and peace of mind.  

Cotton reusable nappies have been around for decades and for very good reason - cotton is a fantastic material.  Durable, robust, soft and importantly - absorbent.  The Bombacio Original fitted nappy is soft and stretchy with gentle ruffled elastics and a full coverage fleece lining to keep baby's skin dry and soft.  

The Bombacio Wrap is designed and cut specifically for use over fitted nappies and flat nappies such as terries, preflats and prefolds.  The gusset is wide and deep and can comfortably accommodate lots of absorbent material.  

Two-part nappy systems are widely regarded as the most reliable reusable nappy systems on the market today and the Bombacio system is no exception.  Easy to use, incredibly reliable, comfortable for baby and designed to last.