Pre-order Now: Bombacio Nappies

Pre-order Bombacio Nappies now!  Pre-launch offer ends Sunday 10th July 2022.   

The Bombacio two-part nappy system is designed to offer parents a fuss free, environmentally friendly, reusable nappy system that will last their baby until potty training.  

The Bombacio Original is a soft cotton fitted nappy. 

  • Fully lined with stay-dry fleece to keep baby's skin protected from wetness.  
  • Gentle, ruffled, elastics around the leg and back to give a secure fit with minimal sock markings.  
  • Built in absorbency plus a separate booster to allow customisation (included as standard).  

The Bombacio Wrap is generously sized and designed specifically to fit both flat and fitted nappies even when further boosted. 

  • Wide back elastic to spread the pressure and reduce sock markings
  • Deep and wide gusset to accommodate flat and fitted nappies
  • Soft stretchy PUL fabric making full nappy coverage easy

The Super Booster

  • Large hourglass shape for maximum absorbency
  • 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton
  • Fleece topped for use inside or outside a fitted or flat nappy

The Cotton Booster

  • Fleece topped for use inside a pocket or next to the skin
  • Fast to absorb, perfect for flooding 
  • Long length to allow it to be folded into the wet zone

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