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About Bombacio Nappies

Bombacio Nappies are a 'two-part' nappy system comprising of The Bombacio Original Cotton fitted nappy and The Bombacio Wrap. 

The Story Behind Bombacio Nappies

The Bombacio two part nappy system was designed as a result of using cloth nappies on our first daughter.  As she got older she began to 'flood' her nappies which often would overwhelm the nappy and cause leaks.  We found ourselves using cotton terries more and more as they were the only nappy that could stand up to the pressure, and volume, of the flood.  However, not long later our daughter reached the 'slippery Alligator' stage and it was almost impossible to put a terry nappy on her without her wriggling away, the nappy unfolding, someone (usually the adult) ending up in tears and it was a highly stressful and unsatisfactory experience for all concerned.  

We needed a nappy that could match, or better, the absorbency of the cotton terry nappies whilst being much more quick and easy to put on.  We needed a good quality cotton fitted nappy so we designed The Bombacio Original. 

At the same time, we began to find that our 'birth to potty' size wraps were becoming more and more difficult to fit over her nappies.  Especially the night time nappies which were typically more boosted.  We were baffled.  Why would our 18 month old, average in size, daughter be outgrowing something that should last until potty training.  She was, and still is, 50th centile for weight so she really couldn't be more average in that respect (but only in that respect!).  Surely she was too small to need 'XL' or 'Junior' sizes.  

We realised that these wraps really weren't suitable for terry nappies, or chunky boosted fitted nappies for example.  We were attempting the equivalent of putting a coat on over 2 or 3 jumpers rather than the 1 jumper you'd usually fit underneath. Of course they didn't fit.  

After the frustration of having to poke bits of nappy inside the wrap only to find it had worked it's way out during the night causing a leak we designed The Bombacio Wrap.  With all the features we needed to cover terry nappies and to cover our heavily boosted night time nappies on our 'average' sized daughter.  

The Bombacio nappy system is the nappy system we needed for our first daughter.  It's the nappy system we use for our second daughter.  

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