ELF Diaper Pocket Nappies (Single Gusset)

*REDUCED TO CLEAR* Elf Diaper single gusset pocket nappies are cloth nappies suitable for babys from 3 to 15kg (approx 10 to 33lb) in weight.  They are classed as birth to potty pocket nappies although many newborns will be too small for the first few weeks.  

Elf Diaper pocket nappies feature 2 rise settings on the popper versions and 3 rise settings on the velcro versions. 

Popper versions of Elf Diaper nappies feature stretchy tabs to help make fitting the nappy a little easier.  

Pocket nappies are a great choice of daytime nappy and the level of absorbency can be adjusted to suit your baby.  

Team one of these Elf Diaper pocket nappies with any of our inserts.  For more information on inserts please view our Guide to Insert Absorbency 

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