Using Cloth Nappies

I want to use cloth from birth, what could I use?

The most popular way to cloth from birth is using either Muslins, or Prefolds, and a wrap.  You fold the muslin, secure with a Nappi Nippa and put the wrap over the top.  Or, if you chose prefolds, you padfold the prefold nappy, place into the wrap, and then attach to the baby. Newborns should usually be changed every couple of hours and so boosting the absorbency of the nappy is rarely required.

I’m new to cloth, what are the abbreviations I see everywhere?

The abbreviations can be baffling and sometimes quite off-putting so we have put together a list to help you decipher this strange new world, you can download it from here.  If you come across any we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to ask and we will help you to decode it and add it to our list!

What is the difference between a pocket nappy and a wrap? 

A wrap is the waterproof cover that goes on top of a Terry Nappy, a Prefold, or a Muslin.  A Pocket nappy is very similar to a wrap but with the addition of a fleecy layer on the inside which creates the pocket aspect of a pocket nappy.  Inside the pocket you place inserts which provide the absorbent part of the nappy. 

Can I use a pocket nappy as a wrap?

You can try but the fit might be compromised because the absorbency is not in the expected place.  We wouldn't recommend it.  

Do I need a new pocket nappy at every change?

Yes, the fleece lining will have become wet and so the whole nappy should be changed each time.  

Do I need a new wrap at every change?

No, a wrap - providing it is not soiled - can be wiped down and reused.  How many times is up to you but  it should be washed regularly.  If the nappy underneath is saturated then the seams might have begun to get wet.  In this case it is best to change the wrap too.  

What can I use to put inside a pocket nappy?

You can purchase inserts made from various fabrics that are made to go inside pocket nappies.  You can also use items such as folded muslins, folded terry nappies, prefold nappies and even everyday household items such as cotton facecloths and tea-towels or even old cotton clothes.  This short video gives an idea of what some of these look like - click here.

I’m looking to buy inserts but I’m confused about the different materials?

Inserts come in various fabrics.  They vary in how much liquid they hold as well as how fast they absorb the liquid.  As a general rule, a fast absorbing insert like microfibre could be paired (if baby out-wee’s the microfibre) with a higher absorbing insert like a bamboo.  We’ve created a one page info graphic you can download here.

There are so many different types of nappy on the market, what are they all?

We have made a video to answer this question, you can view it here.

I used muslins and prefolds on my newborn, are they useless now baby is bigger?

No, absolutely not.  These are both brilliant to stuff pocket nappies.  If baby will out-wee a muslin in under 2 hours then it can be coupled up with another insert to increase absorbency and used inside a pocket nappy.

Why are my nappies leaking?

There are two common reasons for leaks.  If the nappy has not been fitted well it can leak.  The nappy should be tucked into the knicker line and secured tightly enough that there are no gaps around the legs and no absorbent parts sticking out.  There is a great video here that shows how to get the right fit.  It’s so good that we don’t think we can make a better version so all the credit goes to missgleason on Youtube. The second reason is that the nappy is not absorbent enough.  If the fit is correct and the nappy is leaking due to saturation then the nappy could be changed more often (2-3 hours is about right), or the inserts can be changed to a more absorbent fabric or boosted with a second insert.  What goes in must come out so in warm weather when baby is drinking more, nappies might need to be changed more often. 

Does Birth-to-Potty (BTP) really fit a newborn all the way to potty training.

Not really.  Birth-to-Potty (BTP) nappies usually fit from about 7 to 10lb but can be used on smaller babies using the ‘newborn hack’.  It is our view that muslins and wraps are a better option for those first few months. 

Can I use nappy cream?

Yes, a good wash routine will leave you with nice clean nappies.  

My baby is getting marks from the elastic – is this normal?

Yes and no.  Not every baby will get these marks from every nappy so in that respect, normal isn’t correct.  However, if they disappear after an hour or so then they are simply sock marks and nothing to worry about.  If baby has broken skin and/or visible soreness then there might be other reasons to address such as the nappy is being fitted too tight.  Always consult a doctor if you have any concerns.  

How should I store dirty nappies until wash day?

There are lots of options and it’s a matter of what suits you.  It is not advisable to soak nappies these days so no need for a bucket and lid unless that is what you would like.  Many prefer to use a laundry basket with lots of holes and report that this reduces smells due to plenty of air flowing around.  You can use a normal bucket from the hardware shop, you can use a washing up bowl.  You can use whatever you like, there are lots of opinions and preferences but no fixed rules.  We use a washing up bowl for each day; no smells and easy to move and transport.  Not glamorous but perfectly functional. 

How often do I need to wash?

It’s up to you.  Every day, every other day or every 3rd day are the main options.  Any longer and you may start to find it difficult to get your nappies clean.  

What about pre-washing?

We think it’s a good idea to either rinse or pre-wash (a short wash cycle) your nappies and then give them a longer main wash (2 or 3 hours). That way, the pre-wash or rinse gets rid of a lot of the wee and any remnants of poo and the water fully drains away.  The main wash then can get to work making sure they are sparkling clean and not being washed in a funky mix of pee and poo soup!

About Flora & Fauna Cloth Nappies

Who are you?

We are a family of 3 and you can read more about us here

Where are you based?

Cornwall, England

Is your stock located in the UK or are you dropshipping from overseas?

All our stock is here in the UK.  We do import from overseas however all stock marked available on the website is in the UK meaning there are no long delays after you have placed your order. Where items are available for pre-order it is the case that we do not yet have these items and we will give an expected date of delivery to us.  We always try to be conservative in our estimates however the logistics are out of our control and there may be times when items are delayed.  We take no responsibility for this as we are unable to affect the situation.  

What is your turnaround time?

All orders will be picked and packed within 2 working days, we endeavor to achieve a turnaround time of 1 working day but that is not always possible.  Our next planned posting days are published in the banner at the top of the website and usually contain two days (i.e Wednesday/Thursday).  We are a tiny family business with a toddler so who knows what is in store from one minute to the next! 

What delivery service do you use?

All parcels are delivered by Royal Mail second class unless they exceed the weight or size of a Royal Mail small parcel.  In those instances we will use a courier such as Hermes.  

What if I change my mind?

You may return un-used and unopened items in accordance with our Refund Policy.

Do you do discount codes?

To be the first to hear about our promotions,  join the First to Know club – click here!  We do not use discount codes that require the customer to enter the code into the box.  Read more about our reasons and current offers here

Do you offer plastic free packaging options?

Not right now but we are looking into how we can offer this.  Unfortunately, many of the nappies arrive wrapped in plastic for reasons of both hygiene and protection of the product.  We are looking at how we might be able to offer a plastic free service to you which involves us dealing with that product packaging and posting your order in plastic free wrapping.  We acknowledge there is work to be done and hope to come up with an alternative very soon.  Even with the existing plastic, every reusable nappy still saves LOTS of disposable nappies from landfill.  

If you have any further queries please just get in touch via the contact form or via our Facebook or Instagram pages.